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10. Software Design


The more substantial programming portion of the project is the subroutine to read and print RAM contents. In view of conciseness of the report, only structure programs together with action list are included.


10.1 Structure programs for main program


Action list

1.      Start

2.      Self Test

3.      Check System

4.      N=0,TP_NO=0

5.      START,END=0(Date/time)

6.      Dial telephone number

7.      Store telephone number at “TP_NO”

8.      Store Real Time Clock (RTC) at “START”

9.      Store RTC at “END”


11.  Store TP_NO at RAM Location N

12.  N=N+9

13.  Store “START” at RAM Location N

14.  N=N+6

15.  Store TOT_COUNT at Ram Location at N

16.  N=N+2




Condition list

1.      Do While not Power Off

2.      Do until Reset OR N=16371 (3ff3H)

3.      If Polarity Reversal Interrupt (PRI) =0 store RTC at “START”

4.      If  (PRI) =1 store RTC at “END”



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