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1. Project Overview ~ Remote Information Validation & Display (RIVD) System


RIVD consists of six main components. Namely,


1.      Level converter

2.      Universal asynchronous Receiver & Transmitter (UART)

3.      16 X 2 line character display

4.      Key pad

5.      16 key to binary converter

6.      Associate software to control the operation of Hardware



The fig.1 depicts the basic block diagram of the system. The key sequence comes out from the keypad is fed to 16 key to binary converter and subsequently this binary coded key information is applied to UART (Parallel data). These parallel data is converted in to steam of serial bits by UART and drive it to Communication port of the computer via a MAX232 level converter. In the computer, data will be validated and relay back the message accordingly. The message coming from computer is sent through a level converter to UART. This data is then transferred to 2-line character display. 



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Last modified: July 13, 2002