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Integrated Telephone Data logging (ITDL) System



Lanka N. Bogoda


Domestic and Business telephone users in Sri Lanka are not provided with a detailed listing of outgoing telephone calls. The detailed listing is very important owing to the fact of rising telephone call charges and in turn an additional burden on subscriber.


By using ITDL subscribers can formulate their own telephone management criteria in order to minimize call duration and unnecessary calls. This is because the call charges are varying depending on time a call started and the number of unit consumed. In addition, a subscriber can locate any unauthorized calls originated by the telephone in the absence of  him or her.


ITDL has a storing capacity of around 600 telephone calls. For domestic use this is normally the usage of two months and for office usage it is advisable to take print outs each month and reset the system to leave room for storing more call information.


Subscriber can easily plug in ITDL to his telephone and to main power. The system has a very simple operating system. Further, it can run as a stand along system, even in the absence of main power. It needs little maintenance. ITDL can be kept alongside the telephone or else in a place, which are cool, dry and dust free. 


The report covers most of the design that I thought vital to be documented. It starts with a project overview to its main components and highlights the design approach. The subsequent sections explain the design and operational aspects in detail.



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Last modified: July 13, 2002