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8. Power Supply and Battery Backup


Power supply and rechargeable battery backup together with a battery charger are mounted on the PCB. Power supply is driven by main power (220ac) and a three terminal power socket is mounted on the edge of the PCB.  The charger keeps the batteries fully prepared for any failure in main power, thus providing an uninterrupted service of ITDL. ITDL can be operated without main power but with the supplement of a suitable power source within the given specification. The power supply that is mounted on the PCB should properly be shielded to avoid any disturbance to ITDL either in electrical or magnetic form.


   Power Supply

·         Input voltage                     150 –240 VAC @ 48 to 52 Hz

·         Output Voltage                  +5VDC @ 1.0A

·         Input connector                 Terminal Block plug (3 pins)

·         Output Connector 3.5mm male jack

·         Fuse                                                1.250A @ 250V

·         Minimum load                   all outputs at 10% of rated load

·         Size                                     (2.80)’’Lx(1.25)’’Wx(1.25)’’H

·         Weight                                0.7lbs(max.)

·         MTBF>150khrs.



Rechargeable Battery

AA size, 4x1.2v Ni-Cad batteries with a capacity of 2.5Ah are used and can be connected either internally or externally. 



Battery Charger

Charger supply is also derived from the same power supply used for ITDL and therefore meets the same specifications. 



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