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9. ITDL Front panel connectors, Accessories and Physical dimensions

Fig. 6 ITDL physical layout and dimensions in 3 planes


Power socket mounted on the right hand bottom side of the back panel of the ITDL (C view)


S1 Reset switch. This is mounted on the PCB and a screwdriver or pointing device should be inserted to press and reset. This is to prevent ITDL from resetting accidentally (B view).


LED Continuous blinking of this LED indicates that RAM contents are being successfully downloaded to the computer.


J1 This RJ type connector provides the telephone line interface in parallel to ITDL.


J2 9 pin serial port to facilitate the interfacing between ITDL and computer.


J3 25 pin printer port (10 to 25 conversion associated to ITDL). This is used to link the ITDL with printer.




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Last modified: July 13, 2002