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Remote Information Validation & Display (RIVD) System Development



E.N. Batuwangala


The objective of the project is to read a number from a terminal, which is located at a remote point, and subsequently validate the number by accessing a database in a central computer. A message is then relayed to the display in the remote terminal depending on the validity of the number. The design also caters for multiple terminals linked to the central computer using modems depending on the distance.  


The receiving path consists of a 4x4 keypad, which is used to enter the number, and the number is then coded into its respective binary format. This encoded information routes via an UART to a RS232 level converter, thus dispatching it to the communication port of the computer where the validation process is taken place.


The transmitting path consists of a link to UART from the central computer and subsequently to a LCD, which displays the number validated and respective message.


The design comprises of two phases:

1.      Design of the RIVD, its PCB layout and construction.

2.      Writing of the programs in Visual Basic to read remotely entered numbers and to display a message in the remote LCD.



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Last modified: July 13, 2002