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7. Software development for GUI and data Validation  


When creating the VB serial program, initially the idea was to create C program to control the RIVD. However, over a period of 4 weeks it was found that the C language had too many functions to initialize a serial port with a un-graphical program. Therefore, Visual Basic language has been implemented. With some research it is found that a few simple lines of code we could not only open, close and write to the serial port but with a graphical view of the program as well.  The program is using global variables and MScomm control event to continuously read the port, access the MS Access database, validate the record and write to the port.  In order to validate the username and password a check box has been incorporated at the beginning of  GUI RIVD. (UserName = "ErangaB") And (Password = "RIVD")


In order for error free operation of RIVD the database file Pass_Number.mdb should be in the operating directory and location it should be specify in the program. The database is consisted of following parameters.            

Table name : numberInfo

Field names : ID, Number, Name



Fig 9. Pass_Number.mdb database’s record layout


7.1 GUI of RIVD 

           Fig 10. GUI for reading the port for the number

         Fig 11. GUI for writing the port for the number




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