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10.3 Structure programs for printing program


Action List                                                             

1   Start                                                                     

2   Read next Record     

3   LN=0, PG=0                                                     

4   PG=PG+1

5   Skip to New Page                                               

6   Print Heading  

7   LN=4           

8   Print the record                                        

9   LN=LN+1                                             

        10   Print Detail Line (TP No, Start Time, Duration)


        Condition List

        1  Do while Printer is connected & ready and not End Of RAM Contents

        2   Do while LN<55


        Note: a record consists of 17 bytes according to the definition of 5. Information storage - RAM with T/P, Date/Time and duration fields respectively

PG-Page number

LN-Line Number



10.1 Structure programs for printing program





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