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10. Conclusions


After working on the project for quit a while and achieving most of the goals, I am pleased with the attained success and the challenges overcame in meeting the project objectives. In this project, I was able to incorporate a GUI developed by Visual Basic 6 with externally built hardware and make it perform to specification. The project provided me with a strong background for similar tasks I might undertake in the field of electronic together with software development to incorporate more features and controls to such systems in the future. I was able to place myself in an almost real situation of electronic product design and implementation and learn the steps involved in such a process. Specific to my project, I was able to prove that the idea of entering a number via a keypad, relay it to a PC serial port, validate it on a database and displaying a message accordingly. The associate timing function scenario in data transmission and receiving described in report, are quite feasible and are synchronized with software control.


I learned that various problems that could occur when interfacing the serial communication system with a PC. In my case, timing was a very critical factor. However, the RIVD can handle these time intensive applications and speed up itsí operation if provided with a suitable external hardware.



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Last modified: July 13, 2002