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Operator at the remote point counter enters a 10 digit number from his keypad. This information is sent the main control room where the computer with database is kept. Program resided in the computer checks for the validity of the number it receives. Once it is validated, the program sends 2-line information back to the operator terminal where the operator can react accordingly. The following is depicted the operator console function in sequential order.


The number entered via the key pad                                          : Nin


The LCD message at the operator terminal                                : Dout



If the Nin  is validated and corrected according to the database


Nin                       :3248567221


                        Dout    :324857221

                                                 E.N. Batuwangala



If the Nin  is validated and incorrect according to the database


Nin                       :1234567890


                        Dout    :1234567890

                                                 Check Again


If the entered number is correct, respective name is read from the same record and relayed it to the remote LCD. If the number entered is not available in database it is considered as an invalid number and relayed a message “Check Again” to the LCD. Anyway, this would ask the operator to recheck the number he entered and operator may enter the same number again. If the LCD displays the same message after several attempts of entering the number he must concludes that the entered number is invalid and take action accordingly. At an instance when the operator enters less than 10 digits, the RIVD waits for the next digit or digits without prompting any message to the LCD. Therefore, if there is no response from the RIVD for 5 to 8 seconds the operator should check the number of digits entered. If operator presumed that the number he entered invalid halfway through his keyboard operation he must continue entering 10 digits as the RIVD does not support correcting erroneous entry of a number. He must wait for the message and disregard it and have fresh start for the number.  



For the correct operation of the RIVD the database should be entered with valid numbers and names. Database may contain more than two columns (i.e. number and name) and can also be utilized for other purposes. However, for the project the creation of the database and its linking program to the RIVD is not discussed. 



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Last modified: July 13, 2002