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3. Interfacing to Computer


The complete system  depends on the data and programs stored in the PC. Therefore it is important to interconnect both keyboard and LCD via the PC and allow the system to read data from the PC and write respective information back to LCD. This area of RIVD could be incorporated with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and future improvement and expansions of the system by software modifications.


Fig.5 depicts the link between 6402 UART and RS232 serial port of computer. The capacitors C7, C8, C9 and C10 form a voltage-doubling network together with internal converters of MAX232 to satisfy its operational conditions.


One pair of Driver/Receiver has been chosen for the application and RRI and TRO of UART establish transmitter and receiver path respectively. Further, 9 pin serial port of the computer is connected via a cable to the RIVD serial port as shown in the diagram.



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