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The site is a useful reference to the EC projects and the students may go through projects thoroughly before submitting their project report to the EC . The site is under construction and will be available with all the tools and resources for you to reach the ultimate goal

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Air Traffic Control Sri Lanka

Air Traffic Control Sri Lanka site is dedicated to discussing all the issues related to aviation in Sri Lanka. These include engineering and operational aspects of aircraft, air traffic control, air crashes and their reports and theory of air navigation etc. The site is designed and own by the same web master who designs Engineering Council Project.   



        Visit following sites and download free resources for your project is a web site, which is dedicated to offer information on

        electronics found from the web. (Best of best)

Industrial Technology

        Virtual Oscilloscope

        PCB Design Home

        A Collection of Useful High-Speed Design Utilities

        On-line Tutorials

        All about design

        Design Resources on the Web

        Power Designers

        Data Communication Links

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